IOS stands for iphone operating system. It is a proprietary mobile operating system of apple for its handheld. It supports Objective-C, C, C++, Swift programming language. It is based on the Macintosh OS X. iPhone, ipod and iPad all comes with IOS.

iPhone was first release in June, 2007 and on September 5, 2007, Apple released the iPod Touch which had most of the non phone abilities of the iPhone. In june 2010 apple rebranded iPhone Os as iOS. iPad first generation was released in April 2010 and iPad Mini was released in November 2012.

Benefits of IPHONE

  • It's a free and open source technology so it reduce IT costs with a cost-effective PHP & My SQL database application Development thus realizing higher ROI for your business.
  • Apple Pay It is something completely new and it allows you to pay in the stores and confirm the transaction by fingerprint. Available only on the iPhone 6 and 6 plus devices and on the new iPad.
  • Vast community support available if you get stuck with any problem.
  • Better performance on certain devices iOS 8.1 extremely improved performance, especially on the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPad 3.
  • iCloud improved This upgrade brings the iCloud Photo Beta version that brings some changes.
  • Reduces operations costs by developing automated application development systems that upgrade your manual processes.
  • It helps in building extensive data warehouse applications that are high performance based.
  • The business can also go in for customized automated application systems that can help in reducing and cutting operational costs.

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