Android provides an adaptive app framework that allows you to provide unique resources for different device configurations. For example, you can create different XML layout files for different screen sizes and the system determines which layout to apply based on the current device's screen size.

Android is an open source mobile operating system that combines and builds upon parts of many different open source projects. What does this mean to you as a developer? You have access to the source code of the platform that is running on the phone. This can help you better understand how interface controls and the various other pieces work. If you happen to find a bug, you can also submit a patch for the issue, though this is a more advanced practice. Google has also pulled together a large group of companies (called the Open Handset Alliance) that both contribute to and use the Android OS in their hardware devices. This means that there is industry-wide support for Google's OS, promising wide adoption across well-known vendors.

Benefits of ANDROID

  • It's a free and open source technology so it reduce IT costs with a cost-effective PHP & My SQL database application Development thus realizing higher ROI for your business.
  • Android apps are built as a combination of distinct components that can be invoked individually..
  • The Android platform is open source which means the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) can be leveraged without having to worry about the licensing costs or royalty.
  • Well proven & tested application frameworks like CakePHP, Zend Framework and Symphony etc.
  • Android has a relatively low barrier to entry.
  • Android apps are scripted in Java programming language that leverages a rich set of libraries
  • It helps in building extensive data warehouse applications that are high performance based.
  • The business can also go in for customized automated application systems that can help in reducing and cutting operational costs.

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